Year 1 - Carles Santos

La Sargantaneta

Year 1 was dedicated to the brilliant musician and composer Carles Santos, who created the piece ‘Vi Sonor’ [‘Sonorous Wine’], a huge musical show and a unique stroll through musical and gastronomic history. Five pianists, a flying violinist and a heart, in that singular location, managed to transport the guests and give them an unforgettable night. As testimony of his stay through the Artists’ Vineyard, Carles Santos left his legendary boat “La Sargantaneta” navigating atop a holm oak at the L’Era d’en Guino.

"It is a shame to talk about things that distort reality" Carles Santos

"I am here as a musician and as a sailor and close to the master" Carles Santos


The event of the Year 1 at the Artists' Vineyard

Carles Santos

Vinaròs (Castelló), 1940
Up Down
Classically trained musician. Since 1978 he has dedicated himself exclusively to composition and the interpretation of his own work.
Apart from musical production he has also created a series of works that are distinctive for their multidisciplinary and theatrical characteristics. The most significant ones are: ‘Arganchulla Arganchulla Gallac’ 1987, ‘Tramuntana-Tremens’ 1989, ‘La Grenya de Pasqual Picanya’ 1991, ‘Asdrúbila’ 1992, ‘Figasantos-Fagotrop: missatge al contestador’, ‘Soparem a les nou’ 1996, ‘L’esplèndida vergonya del fet mal fet’ 1995, ‘La pantera imperial’ 1996/97, ‘Ricardo i Elena’ 2000, ‘L’adéu de Lucrècia Borja’ 2001, ‘Sama Samaruck Samaruck Suck Suck’ 2002, ‘Lisístrata’ 2003, ‘El Compositor, La Cantant, El Cuiner i La Pecadora’ 2003-2004, ‘El Barbero de Sevilla’ 2005, ‘El fervor de la perseverança’ 2006, ‘Brossalobrossotdebrossat’ 2008.
In May 2009 he performed a concert for orchestra entitled ‘Piturrino fa de músic’ [‘Piturrino becomes a musician’] at the Teatre Lliure (where he was composer in residence) and on the 7th of October 2010 he also opened Teatre Lliure’s ‘Chica Montenegro Gallery’.
In August 2002 his concert for piano ‘No al no’ [‘No to No’] opened at the Edinburgh Festival while in January 2007 his composition ‘He de ser castigat per no estimar mai a ningú’ [‘I have to be punished for never loving anyone’] was featured at the Teatre Lliure in Barcelona.
All of these works have been presented at various festivals and theatres including the Edinburgh International Festival, Festival Automne of Paris, Hebbel Theatre of Berlin, ETI Roma, Autumn Festival in Madrid, Antiga Nau of Tallers Generals in Sagunt, National Theatre of Catalonia and the Teatre Lliure.
He has also realised musical composition for big events such as the Fanfares for the 1992 Barcelona Olympic and Paralympic Ceremonies, and the ‘Biennale Fanfare for 2,001 musicians’ for the inaugural acts of the Biennale of the Arts in Valencia in 2001. In November 2001 presented a scenic version of the Cantata ‘L’adéu de Lucrècia Borja’ [‘Farewell to Lucrècia Borja’], which was first played in Valencia in the same year, for the inauguration of the new location of Teatre Lliure in Barcelona.
In 2011 he was an invited artist at the Mas Blanch i Jové Artists’ Vineyard and created a show called ‘Vi Sonor’ [‘Sonorous Wine’], leaving as a testimony of his stay ‘La Sargantaneta’, his Catalan sailboat which is currently navigating in a holm oak and can be seen in the town of La Pobla de Cérvoles.
Carles Santos has received various awards for his work: the City of Barcelona Prize for his International Projection in 1996; the City of Barcelona Music Prize in 1993; the Cross of Saint Georges by the Government of Catalonia in 1999; the FAD 1998; the National Prize for Composition by the Government of Catalonia 1990; the National Prize for Theatre in 2001 by the Government of Catalonia; the Golden Medal by the Circle of Fine Arts in 2007; the best Para-theatrical work of 2008 by the Association of Critics of Barcelona for ‘Brossalobrossotdebrossat’ in 2008; and a Golden Medal by the University Jaume I of Castellon. During his career he has received 13 MAX prizes and he was rewarded with the National Prize for Music in 2008.

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