BETWEEN THE TWO AND THE THREE - Gregorio Iglesias Mayo

Between Heaven and Earth

Throughout 2013 the Borgenc painter Gregorio Iglesias painted, halfway up the path of the Artists’ Vineyard, his work ‘Entre el Cel i la Terra’ [‘Between Heaven and Earth’]: an impressive sixty metre-long mural created over two months outdoors, painted day and night, under snow and rain, with Chinese ink and natural colours which now covers the four walls of the barrel room. When you enter that room the magnificent piece wraps around you, creating a unique experience.

In memory of his stay at the Artists’ Vineyard his work ‘La Finestra de Papillon’ [‘The Papillion Window’] was set up on the ground, in front of the lookout, with spectacular views to La Pobla de Cérvoles.

On the 22nd of June 2013 the piece ‘Between Heaven and Earth’ was opened, together with the installation ‘First Notes (of the Garderner’s Singing)’ by Esteve Casanoves and Josepe Gil.

"The piece “Between Heaven and Earth” helped me to find a place and a meaning to my life." Gregorio Iglesias Mayo

"Remembering the film Papillion in which Steve McQueen dives into water to try to find an opportunity and, if possible, a bit of freedom." Gregorio Iglesias Mayo

"The Artists’ Vineyard is a place, a space and a sensitivity that helps me to find a meaning in my life." Gregorio Iglesias Mayo

Gregorio Iglesias Mayo

Les Borges Blanques (Lerida), 1966
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Catalan painter. Graduated in Applied Arts and Artistic Trade in the speciality of Pictorial Procedures from the School of Fine Arts of Lerida, has been
considered one of the most important Leridan artists of the second half of the twentieth-century on the international scene.
He has participated in the realisation of cultural and artistic projects under the coordination of Glòria Bosch, directed by the Foundation Vilacasas.
After a stay in Paris, and having worked with the gallery Yvonamor Palix, and the Centre of Catalan Studies, in collaboration with the Sorbonne
University, he moved to the Basque Country to become part as an artist of the Gallery Kur, directed by Juanma Arriaga and opened by Manolo Valdés. In
1998, two of his works were incorporated into the collection of the Museum of Art Jaume Morera.
In 2013 he painted, over more than two months, a large outdoor work called ‘Entre el Cel i la Terra’ [‘Between Heaven and Earth’] which was installed in
the middle of the Mas Blanch i Jové Artists’ Vineyard at La Pobla de Cérvoles. This impressive work of 60 metres length and 5.5 metres width was
painted with Indian ink and carbon and exposed to the inclemency of time, the interactions of work taking place in the field and to the relief of the land
itself, resulting in a titanic work intimately linked to the Garriga territory and with strong oneiric notes and significant personal symbolism. His work is
currently exhibited in the wineskin room of the cellar Mas Blanch i Jové and is viewable by the public. As testimony of his stay in The Artists’ Vineyard he
left ‘La Finestra de Papillón’ [‘The Papillion Window’], a pictorial work nailed to the land amidst the vines, facing views to the town of La Pobla de
He has exhibited in galleries and museums in Spain, Cuba, France, the United States and Mexico and has work in private collections in Paris, Amsterdam,
Italy, the States, Canada, London, Catalonia and the rest of Spain.
From July 2014 to July 2015 a retrospective of the artist will be exhibited at the Till Ritcher museum in Buggenhagen (Germany) and in 2015 he has
programmed various exhibitions throughout Spain and in New York.
Two trends can be distinguished in his pictorial production: on the one hand, paintings on large canvases, in which yellow paint is dominant, combined
with drawings of parts of the human body or goat and hen skin incrustations, alongside continuous references to dogs. On the other hand, the artist also
elaborates paintings of small format on white chipboard, in which he normally evokes the landscape of Les Garrigues using lumps of paint and resin. His
technique is markedly gestural and exists permanently between figuration and abstraction.

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