JULY 15TH, 2017

Evru is not an artist that creates indifference. Formerly named Zush (until 2001) and born as Albert Porta, he has been a creator who has reinvented himself throughout his long career. Defined as an artist, scientist and mystic, Evru has created an imaginary space with its own language and symbology.
The Great Bell, Dongda is personal and relevant work that fascinates and stirs at the same time. It was one of the last works he did as Zush. For the artist to conceive The Great Bell represented an act of double creation: the art of its conceptual and aesthetic composition embodied in the mold and the almost magical process of its casting in bronze that could be compared to the birth of a new being.
Evru through Dongda wants to recover the tradition of ringing the bells. Thus the observer is never passive in the presence of The Great Bell: he can intervene in the action of making it vibrate or in the process of receiving the acoustic message. His sensory stimulation can both bring together the close community and promote the spiritual union of one with himself, with humanity and with the universe.
Recollection, depth and symbolic communication with the hereafter, as a way to break limits and seek new answers.
From now on, visitors who will visit Mas Blanch i Jové’s The Artists’ Vineyard will be able to enter the forest, play, communicate, meditate or simply listen how the landscape vibrates with the sound of the Dongda.

"Diàleg infinit" multidisciplinary show by Col·lectiu Free't & Cor Eurídice

Saturday February 24th - Wine pairing with music and books in Mas Blanch i Jové

Children's painting contest by Mas Blanch i Jové