GUINOVART, an internationally renowned Catalan painter was a great lover of art and wine.


He was a person with an INHERENT WARMTH AND SENSITIVITY, towards the earth and nature. Whatever the changing source of his inspiration, he would always EXTRACT ITS ESSENCE AND COMMUNICATE IT WITH FORCE.

WE FELL IN LOVE.. We loved his creations and his innate simplicity, it was impossible not to, and he loved our passion and our Saó.

We had the honour of receiving his sublime artistic input into the design of our winery and he created a spectacular wall that presents HOMAGE TO THE WINE-WORLD and presides over our winetasting area. The wall, 10.5 meters in width, was his final work of art.

GUINOVART WAS THE ORIGINATOR OF THE IDEA OF THE ARTISTS’ VINEYARD, a unique and pioneering initiative that integrates wine into the artistic universe: an outdoor exhibition space, in the middle of the vineyard, where sculpture pays witness to the growing vines.

And so we’ve done it. Since its opening, in 2009, MANY ARTISTS HAVE PASSED THROUGH THE ARTIST’S VINEYARD which has offered the perfect frame for poetry readings, outdoor paintings, magic, clowns, opera, various musical events, dancing, giant puppets, soap bubbles, theatre ...

This is our way of marking the territory with a subtle trace; our way of leaving an artistic heritage as a legacy while we support artists and invest in culture, food for the soul.

Guinovart's artwork exhibited at the winery