Year 5

Assumpció Mateu


The artist Assumpció Mateu has framed the landscape with her glance and a symbolic reading of the dialogue between the sky and the land, between the visible and the invisible, between presence and absence, between inner life and the exterior. With her work “Emmarcant el Somni: Diàleg” [Framing the Dream: Dialogue], she takes a slice through the landscape: poetic, majestic, introspective and completely respectful of the environment. A dance and equestrian show created by Sandra Carré and Lu Arroyo (Co. Ylalú) inaugurated the sculpture. Five dancers, two stilt-walkers, a rider and a horse, recreated a magical world dancing among olive trees and thrilling the viewer before eventually disappearing up the infinite staircase that starts with the oak tree and goes up to the sky…

“The work ‘Emmarcant el Somni: Diàleg’ is composed of two elements that are fully integrated into this environment. Through my glance
I have chosen a fragment where an oak tree stands out. Here I have incorporated a piece that adds a poetic and symbolic character to it at the same time, giving a human and cultural character to the whole that adjusts to the landscape that frames it.”

“The main challenge has been, undoubtedly, taking part in this space surrounded by works
of artistic quality from other participating creators.”

Assumpció Mateu

Opening. Year 5 at the Artists’ Vineyard.

Magnum collector’s edition
Assumpció Mateu


Assumpció Mateu

Assumpció Mateu
GIRONA, 1952

Painter and visual artist. She holds a PhD in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona and was a lecturer at the Faculty of Fine Arts for eleven years. Since 1989 she has exclusively devoted herself to artistic creation.

She was selected in 1989 to participate in the Triangle Workshop in New York with artists from around the world. That same year, and in 1990, she was invited to the 44th and 45th Salon des Realités Nouvelles at the Grand Palais in Paris. In 1998 and 2000 she was invited to the Salon Comparaissons of Paris.

We have been able to see her work in large international art fairs (Arco, Montréal, Fiac, Art-Basel, Art Koln, Menas-art, Tokyo…) and it can be found in public and private collections in cities across the world: Foundation Vasarely (France), Foundation Julius Bauer (Switzerland), La Caixa Collection (Spain), Ulster Museum (Ireland), Würth Museum (La Rioja), MACBA, Collection Solidere in Beirut, Collection Mr. Mrs. New in Houston, UNESCO Collection…

In recent years we have had the pleasure to showcase her most recent work individually in the Volart space of the Vilacasas Foundation, at the Würth Museum in La Rioja, at the Cultural Center of Aiete (San Sebastián) and at the Antonio Saura Foundation in Cuenca