Gregorio Iglesias Mayo


In 2013 a painter from Les Borges Blanques, Gregorio Iglesias, painted, in the middle of The Artists’ Vineyard path, his work “Entre el Cel i la Terra” [Between Heaven and Earth]: an impressive 60-metre mural made outdoors every day for almost two months, painted night and day, with snow and rain, with Chinese inks and natural colours, currently covering the four walls of the barrel room. When you enter the barrel room, this magnificent work surrounds you, generating a unique experience.

In memory of his visit to The Artists’ Vineyard, the artwork “La Finestra de Papillón” [Papillon’s Window] was installed on the ground, just in front of a spectacular viewing point overlooking La Poble de Cérvoles.

On June 22, 2013, the work “Entre el Cel i la Terra” [Between Heaven and Earth] was inaugurated together with the installation Primeres Notes (del cant de l’hortolà) [First Notes (From the Gardener’s Song)] by Esteve Casanoves and Josepe Gil.

“The work ‘Entre el Cel i la Terra’ helped me to find a place and meaning in my life”
“Remembering the movie Papillon, when Steve McQueen jumps into the water trying to find an opportunity and, if possible, a bit of freedom”
“The Artists’ Vineyard is a place, a space and a sensibility that helps me to find a meaning in my life.”

Gregorio Iglesias Mayo

Gregorio Iglesias Mayo

Catalan painter. Graduated in Applied Arts and Artistic Trades, has been considered one of the Lleida artists of the second half of the 20th century with greatest international influence.

After his stay in Paris, and having worked with the Yvonamor Palix gallery and the Centre for Catalan Studies in collaboration with the University of the Sorbonne, he moved to the Basque Country to be part of Kur Gallery.

He has participated in cultural and artistic projects under the coordination of Gloria Bosch, director of Vilacases Foundation.

In 2015 he made a huge outdoor painting in Peenemünde, the Nazi bomb factory, a collaboration between the local History Museum and the Till Ritchter Museum.

He has exhibited in galleries and museums in Spain, Germany, Cuba, France, United States and Mexico and has artwork in private collections in Paris, Amsterdam, Italy, the United States, Canada, London, Catalonia and elsewhere in Spain.