Between the year 9 and the 10

Iago Pericot

LA GUILLOTINA (The Guillotine)

The Guillotine was premiered at the Greek Festival in 2014 and the public was able to enjoy a catharsis of collective liberation, joyful and thoughtful at the same time. A proposal that invited us to look inside ourselves and to discover who generated the most uneasiness and torment. The artifact was responsible for freeing us. And now, this brilliant idea by Iago Pericot, an unclassifiable, provocative and unique creator, is being moved to La Pobla de Cérvoles to be part of this unique space located in Les Garrigues.

The incorporation of this work into La Vinya dels Artistes was an excuse to pay an intimate tribute to its creator. Friends and collaborators of Iago Pericot, Oriol Genís, Oriol Pla, Oscar Kapolla, Josep Escrig, Climent Sensada, Neus Ferrer, Sergi Mateu, Lola Belmonte, etc., created a spectacular journey (a term invented by him) as a way of crucis sui generis: rites in form, irreverence in the background; and where, in each season, we find references of his artistic and personal legacy.

A fun, provocative and irreverent tribute, public and totally outdoors, that opened the artistic season of the summer of 2021 at the Mas Blanch i Jové winery.

“The incorporation of La Guillotina at The Artists’ Vineyard has been the culmination of an emotional and irreverent tribute to Iago Pericot”

“La Guillotina pretends to be a peace instrument”

Iago Pericot

Pictures: Asimètric films, Biel_FPV

Opening. Viacrucis segons Sant Iago

Eva Lootz

Iago Pericot

Masnou, 1929 – Badalona, 2018

Santiago Pericot Canaleta was a Catalan painter, engraver and stage designer. He signed his works as Iago Pericot. He was the brother of the artist Jordi Pericot Canaleta and the son of Maria Canaleta Abellà.

Teacher at the Escola Normal de Barcelona and graduated in psychology from the University of Barcelona. In 1968 he lived in London thanks to scholarship to study engraving at the Slade School of Fine Arts. There he began a two-dimensional engraving technique, awarded in England and at the Engraving Fair in Ljubljana (Yugoslavia). He exhibited his artworks at the international biennials in Tokyo, Sao Paulo and Venice. He also worked in the field of scenography. He was appointed professor of scenography at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona in 1971. From 1983 to 1992 he was director of the scenography department at the same Institute. In 1975, together with Sergi Mateu Vives, he founded the Teatre Metropolità de Barcelona. In 1990 he was appointed professor of final projects at the Barcelona School of Architecture.

His theatrical productions include Rebel Delirium (1977), King Crimson Symphony (1980), Bent (1982), Beauty and the Beast (1984), Mozartnu (1986, of which he made a new version in 2008), The Banquet (1990), Uno es el Cubo (1995), Una furtiva òpera (1997), The Game of Deception (2002), Il mondo della luna (2004). In 1990 he received the National Performing Arts Award.

In July 2018, the City Council of Masnou agreed to award him the distinction of Favorite Son of Masnou. The delivery was posthumously in November.