The book, which is presented on September 7, is edited by Daniel Albors and coordinated by Anna Rufié.

A total of 31 writers from the region have created ‘PASAPAS’, a “book by Les Garrigues & for Les Garrigues”, where their authors express their poetry, short narratives or their studies within the framework of each Municipality with diversity of style, since it is created by several people.

Each work, “illustrated from a conception and vision that enters the spiritual world,” offers “a vision of the region very different”, as explained by its coordinator, Anna Rufié. ‘PASAPAS’, notebook of letters and terraces of Les Garrigues, is a book that comes out with the original idea, illustrations and edition of Daniel Albors Sellés.

The first presentation of the book is on 7 September 2019, at 7 pm, at the Mas Blanch and Jové de la Pobla de Cérvoles winery. Previously, at 6.30pm, there was a free tasting of the organic wines of the winery, as well as oils with bread and chocolate.

* Free activity *