Next Saturday, July 4 at 6:00 p.m., the artist Erik Schmitz will create a sculpture with vine shoots at Mas Blanch i Jové’s The Artists’ Vineyards. It will be an activity that will seek the participation of the attendees and that will continue with a wine tasting of the ecological wines of the winery amidst nature while enjoying the sunset.

The sculpture, ephemeral and 100% biodegradable, consists of a shelter with the characteristic shape of an animal from the area. The concept seeks to vindicate the need to protect and respect fauna. On this occasion we will make an offering dedicated to animals -creating a space for them- and to nature since the materials come from the earth and will return to it.

Erik Schmitz Coll is an artist born in Germany who grew up in Lleida and who uses art as a means to communicate and express thoughts. He conceives creativity as an intuitive, subtle and suggestive path between the artist and the viewer-receiver. He is interested in the concept but his priority is that the observer receives and identifies with the work. That is why the protagonists of his creations are the human and animal figure, vegetation, landscape and geography. With the theme, the contrast and the large format, it aims to break monotony, contemporary routines and established stigmas. It also seeks to offer a respite that can lead to reflection and that leads to a better coexistence.

The price of the activity is 20 euros for adults and 15 € for minors over 12 years old. Places are limited and it is necessary to make a prior reservation at the Mas Blanch i Jové winery. This activity has been co-organized by Organitzem x you.