The “Dialogues with the Earth” by Joanpere Massana, new exhibition at the Mas Blanch i Jové winery

  • The exhibition will be from June till September at the Mas Blanch i Jové winery
  • There will be an open house on June 12 from 12 noon, with an explanation by the artist and wine tasting.
  • Upcoming exhibitions of the artist in Barcelona, ​​Reus, Krakow, Warsaw, Cologne and Lugano.

Joanpere Massana presents the project: “Dialogues with the earth” at the Mas Blanch i Jové winery. A selection of works from different series that want to dialogue with the landscapes of the vineyards and be integrated into the landscape. The artist reflects on the fragility of life from the evocation of the ephemeral, the delicate.

The installation has been created from the space where large-format works from his “Aire” series are exhibited and mixed. The speech is complemented with assemblages from the series “The book of flowers”, which make clear reference to the materials used (usually rejected: old wood found, old disused wooden toys, scars of time, etc.), to the idea of ​​the fragile. They are objects, shapes, sculptures with a two- and three-dimensional will, and where polychromy, incisions, writings and reflections on themselves have a tautological will.

Massana has managed to create an environment in tune with nature and in connection with the earth. He makes a poetic proposal about reflection, and the importance of stopping along the way to taste the great little things that we have in our environment.

The artist will do a guided tour on June 12 at 12 noon. And attendees will be offered a wine tasting. This is a free event but places will be limited, and a prior reservation will be required.

This exhibition can be seen this October at the Art Allà gallery, located in the Gracia neighborhood of Barcelona. In October and November, Massana will travel with the Lluís Bassat Foundation in Krakow and Warsaw, with some of the large-format works that this foundation has recently acquired. He will also soon present a solo exhibition at the Anquines gallery in Reus, which will introduce him to different international fairs. He’ll also exhibit his artworks in the 100 Kubik Gallery in Cologne and María Ares Gallery in Lugano.

This exhibition by the artist Joanpere Massana opens the summer season at Mas Blanch i Jové winery, which is also planning other activities for the next few months such as concerts, performances, etc.