“Ojos de Guerra”: an exhibition that reveals the reality of the war in Ukraine

  • The exhibition features works by seven Ukrainian artists and is on display in the cellar throughout the month of June and until July 9th at Mas Blanch i Jové cellar.
  • The artworks aim to denounce and raise awareness about the situation of the war in Ukraine.

According to the featured artists, “Ojos de Guerra” is not just an exhibition: it is an opportunity to tell the story of the Ukrainian people’s path to victory in their struggle for the freedom of their country. The show, which combines photographs and paintings, presents the work of prominent artists who capture the devastation and feelings of the inhabitants of Ukraine in times of war.

The exhibition features the participation of renowned artists such as Arsen Petrov, a prominent photographer who has documented the war in Ukraine and whose work has been widely used by the media. Another artist is Tatiana Yurchenko, a photographer from Kharkiv, who presents a series of works that depict the destruction in the city and the feelings of its inhabitants. Maria Suslova, the winner of the 2023 postal stamp design contest in Europe, also participates. Additionally, the show includes works by Anna Grenevitska, a famous street art artist whose murals adorn the walls of Kiev. There are also works by lesser-known artists in Ukraine but with noteworthy creations, such as Igor Zabolotny, Odariuk Vadym, and Lyubov Dushyna, the latter using fabric and traditional Ukrainian techniques.

The “Ojos de Guerra” exhibition has a clear mission: to fight against misinformation and convey the truth about war and life in Ukraine. In a world where news spreads rapidly and truth gets mixed with lies, this exhibition seeks to emotionally and honestly portray the Ukrainian realities. Through art, the artists hope to convey the message that war is inhumane and should not be repeated, and that help and cooperation are more important than ever in these difficult times.

The exhibition can be viewed at Mas Blanch i Jové cellar until July 9th.