“Unique Musical Experience Proposal 🎶”

Date: Sunday, November 26, 2023, at 12:00 PM, concert start time 🕛

Location: In the artistic Oak Barrels Hall of Mas Blanch i Jové 🏛️

Duo Synergies 🎵

María José Domènech Fuentes 🎶, flute and traverso 🎼
Joan B. Domènech Fuentes 🎷, Tuba Bassa 🎵

A magical concert divided into three acts 🌟

1. Baroque Melodies 🎼
Immerse yourself in the music of J. S. Bach and other Baroque composers. Each piece, a unique gem that we interpret sometimes individually, sometimes as a duet.

2. Selected Duets 🎻
We have selected the most emotional duets from Béla Bartók’s “44 Duos für 2 Violinen.” An experience that will touch your soul 💫.

3. Contemporary Notes for Flute and Tuba 🎶
(Surprise to be revealed) 🤫

Each act will be accompanied by projections that breathe life into the artworks of Joan B. Domènech 🖼️. At the end of the concert, we invite you to a wine tasting 🍷 and to explore the “Silenci Matèric” exhibition with a guided tour 🖼️.

And before the concert (at 11:00 AM), we invite you to walk freely around the Artists’ Vineyard 🍇.