A legend says that when we walk in nature and come across some strange and curious item, it may be a toy that the fairies have neglected. You can see two of them in the “Entre Natura, Fils i Vinyes” exhibition.

In the workshop we will look for elements of nature such as trunks, branches, root stones, feathers, etc. and we will also have a box with flashy things. It will be necessary to choose, knit, cut, knot, create a piece in case a fairy visits you or to have a beautiful memory to take home.

You can also visit the temporary exhibition “Entre Natura, fils i vinyes” by the artist Palmira Rius. The work takes us to lucky coincidences: the territory, where the vine grows and the cellar where the grapes sleep and become wine. Nature as a motive and support and textiles so present in life and in the works. The different compositions want to combine in space, hanging, on the floor, on an overhang or as a counterpoint to the outside landscape, all together a visual and poetic synthesis between the different spaces of the Cellar. The exhibition can be seen until the end of December.

The entrance costs only 15 euros for adults, 5 euros for children.